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2D materials

We explore 2D materials, such as graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides, for applications in electronics, optoelectronics and integrated photonics. These materials are crystalline and thus of high quality, yet they can be produced at low cost and with large-area dimensions, making them attractive for embedding intelligence into everyday objects.

AI on a chip

We investigate novel materials, devices and systems for neuromorphic sensing by mapping of machine learning algorithms and computational models to circuits and device architectures. The aim of our work is to provide more efficient sensory data processing by embedding intelligence into the sensors themselves.


2D Materials: Properties and Devices

Cambridge University Press

Chapters: "Graphene optoelectronic devices" & "TMDs: optoelectronic devices"

2D Materials for Nanoelectronics

CRC Press

Chapter: "TMD-based photodetectors, light emitters and photovoltaics"

Selected Publications

A complete list of our publications is available on Google Scholar:


Thomas Mueller

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Room: CCEG13

Dmitry K. Polyushkin

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Aday Molina-Mendoza

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Do-Hyun Kwak

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Lukas Mennel

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Thomas Pucher

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  • Matthias Paur

  • Stefan Wachter

  • Joanna Symonowicz

  • Simone Schuler

  • Marco M. Furchi

  • Andreas Pospischil

  • Alexander Urich

  • Simon Haberfellner

  • Florian Höller

  • Nikolaus Lehner

  • Armin Zechmeister

  • Stephan Preisinger

  • Alexander Unterkreuter

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